EU Guidelines on Freedom of Expression Online and Offline

The Foreign Affairs Council of 12 May adopted the text of the EU Guidelines on Freedom of Expression Online and Offline, pursuant to the relevant task under the Action Plan on Human Rights and Democracy.
The full text of the EU Guidelines is available in the following link :

A press release was also issued on the occasion of the adoption :

These Guidelines contain the following important elements :

• A comprehensive set of definitions and different aspects of the freedom of expression, according to international human rights law.

• A breakdown of priority areas of action for the EU, including protection but also promotion of this fundamental right, encompassing all areas of external policy.

• A full list of tools available, in order to permit the pursuit of the EU
priorities in the field of freedom of expression.

• An indicative list of examples that may violate or undermine the
enjoyment of the right to freedom of expression (Annex I), as well as a nonexhaustive list of international norms, standards, principles and resources, that the EU may invoke or use in contacts with third countries.

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